Conditions and Use

Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by Conditions of Use, which together with our privacy policy govern this website’s relationship with you in relation to this website.

Conditions of Use for the website:

These Conditions of Use are effective from November 27, 2019.

Please read the Conditions of Use for your understanding. We suggest that you print a copy of these Conditions of Use and maintain for your hereinafter “User(s)” records.

This would include any and all future revisions for the Conditions of Use that include any and all updates.

For any reason(s) the person(s) don’t agree with the Conditions of Use and do not want to be held accountable by the Conditions of Use by the person(s) shall not access the website.

The Conditions of Use, and any or all documents and information referred to hereinafter, described and incorporated in the Conditions of Use on which the person(s) are permitted to use this website By using the website, you agree to be bound by and to be if full compliance with these Conditions of Use.

1. Pertaining to your responsibility for others who access the https:// site while using your device(s) including any and all internet connection(s).

User(s) agree and shall guarantee that any person(s) who access the site on user(s) computer(s) and any and all other electronic device(s), or who are permitted or able to access the site on user(s) computer(s) and any and all electronic other device(s), or who use user(s) internet connection, are aware of the Conditions of Use and all other terms and documentation referred to in them, and that such person(s) also agree to be bound by and to comply with these Conditions of Use.

If for any reason whatsoever, such person(s), user(s) do not agree to these Conditions of Use or do not agree to be bound by the Conditions of Use, the person(s), user(s) must not access or use the site. You the user(s) shall not allow the person(s) to do so.

2. Additional Documents Controlling the Use of the site.

To the Conditions of Use, user(s) use of the site website is also governed by the following documents:

a. The privacy policy, which is available at

governs the use of your information. The privacy policy sets out the types of information we collect, the reasons we collect it, how we use it, and where we choose to provide the information to any third parties.

b. Moreover, for what circumstances and for what reasons, and any other relevant information relating to our use and/or processing of your information and user(s) rights in relation to your information.

c. Loveliyou’s cookies policy available at

Loveliyou’s cookies policy governs the use of cookies and similar technologies on the site.

d. The site sets out the types of cookies we use, the purposes for which we use them, the circumstances in which we may place cookies on your computer, device or browser, and any and all other relevant information relating to cookies. For example, how to change your browser preferences and settings to accept or reject cookies.

e. By accessing and utiliing the site you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in these Conditions of Use. User(s) acknowledge that we’ll process your information in accordance with our privacy policy, and our use of cookies and similar technologies in accordance with the site cookies policy.

f. If for any and all reason(s) you do not agree to the terms set out in the Conditions of Use and its terms you shall not use the site.

3. Changes we may make to the Conditions for Use and additional documents:

LoveliYou reserves the right to update these Conditions of Use, our privacy policy, our cookies policy, any and all other documentation referred to in any of these documents. We may change the Conditions of Use from time to time and use other documentation for any reason(s), including but not limited to the following:

a. To reflect any and all changes in the way LoveliYou conducts business.

b. Allow any changes that are made to the site which includes but not limited to without limitation any and all new updates for the complete site. Additionally, this includes any and all notices to the person(s) accessing the site as well as any and all changes to the content on the site along with availability to the site.

c. Use of the sites best practices for data processing for user(s) to be aware of the sites current to date practices.

d. To inform the user(s) of any and all changes of information gathering technologies in by which the use of cookies is being used.

e. And to safeguard the documentation is in compliant and remains in compliant for any and all future updates to the applicable laws, rules and regulations. When applicable laws are required we will provide the user(s) of any of the changes of the Conditions of Use and the other documentation required to be updated on the site with the new year and dates.

f. By continued use of the site after the updated Conditions of Use, the terms of sale, and the user content agreement. The user(s) and buyer(s) approve and accept the terms and conditions of sale of the updated versions. User(s) also agree that by continued use of the site after the updates to the cookie policies, and privacy policies that the Conditions of Use and terms shall be applicable to LoveliYou’s administration of the user(s) information and the way LoveliYou uses the cookies and any and all similar technologies for the site.

g. You must check the Conditions of Use and any and all other documentation referred to in the document(s) each time you access the site in order to be certain that you’re aware of the Conditions of Use and terms that apply to you at that specific date, year and time.

h. The year, date and time that the Conditions of Use and any and all other documents which include but not limited to the privacy policy and cookies policy for the site were last revised which is aforementioned in the site pertaining to that document and is to be referred to as that document’s as of year and date.

4. The Ownership of the material on the site.

Pertaining to all the trade names, logos, copyrights, trade marks, service marks, as well as any and all other intellectual property rights in the https:// loveliyou. com site, its content are either owned by LoveliYou or licensed to LoveliYou.

All these rights are reserved and protected by intellectual property laws both in the U.S. and around the world. Any use of the site its contents are strictly prohibited. The user(s) would need to get the proper written authorization from the LoveliYou. Moreover, any rights that are not expressly granted are reserved by LoveliYou.

Except by written authorization as provided in the Conditions and Uses and terms provied by LoveliYou of any third party mark, nothing in the Conditions and Uses on the site should be interpreted and granting permission either by estoppel, implication of any license or right to use any of the third party marks that are used on the site without LoveliYou’s prior written authorization. The use of LoveliYou’s materials, logos, trade names, service marks, trade marks by third parties that are used and displayed on the LoveliYou site are for the welfare for LoveliYou in its entirity.

5. The Permitted Use of Information on the site.

The content on the site is provided for non-commercial, private and user(s) use only. The user(s) may share the content of the site for non-commercial, lawful and private basis. Additionally the user(s) may allow others within their business to the content of the site. However, the user(s) are not allowed without prior written authorization by LoveliYou to copy, replicate, withdrawal, distribute the content which includes pictures, and videos from the site.

If user(s) chooses to share, download or print the content on the site to anyone, the user(s) shall not make any deletions, alterations, and additions to modify the content on the site. Additionally, no changes to the images, graphics, videos from the site in any way. User(s) shall not remove any and all data from the site. User(s) is responsible that all content shard with any and all third parties is an accurate representation as the original content on the site.

Furthermore, the user(s) are barred from ripping technology, bots, spiders, data minning for reproduction of any and all content from the site without the prior authorization from LoveliYou. If the user(s) does share the information from the site to any third party the user(s) must recognize LoveliYou as the originators of the content, video and pictures at the time user(s) share the information. In addition, if any third parties were credited by LoveliYou the user(s) shall also disclose that information.

6. User(s) Prohibited uses of the site.

User(s) shall not resell, duplicate, reproduce, copy any part of the site or any of its content from the site. User(s) shall not save any of the content except by the permitted Conditions and Uses.

User(s) shall not interfere, damage, disrupt in anyway to the https:// site or any part of it without prior written consent from LoveliYou. User(s) agree not to use the hardware, equipment, systems or any and all networks on which the site is hosted.

Any software that we use to modify or create for the site and to make the website available to the user(s), any software, server, equipment, network, hardware technology owned by us or any third party the user(s) shall not interfere.

The user(s) shall use the site for lawful purposes according to the Conditions and Uses. User(s) shall not use the site for the following:

a. for any purposes that are unlawful or in any way violates any laws, regulations that are state, federal or international.

b. For any fraudulent purposes whatsoever.

c. The user(s) shall not direct or indirectly market that is unauthorized or unsolicited to any third parties by any means. No spamming or to communicate with or market to third parties any services or goods without prior the written authorization from LoveliYou.

d. User(s) shall not upload or transmit which are not limited to, time bombs, spyware, logic bombs, trojan horses, keystroke loggers, viruses, adware, malware spyware, worms or any other computer or non-computer software, programs, code which could adversely affect the operation for the https:// site. This also includes hardware, systems, any and all computers, tablets, any and all types of phones or other devices of any and all user(s) for third parties to upload any and all content for materials containing any such content.

e. User(s) shall not communciate with the intent to harm children in any way which is supported by the Conditions and Uses and the terms of any and all the documents the Conditions and Uses refer to.

f. User(s) shall not submit any information about user(s) to LoveliYou if the user(s) are under the age of majority 18 years, which also includes any other user(s) person(s) who is under the age of 18 years. If the user(s) are above the age of 18 years where the user(s) or person(s) have not received their prior written authorization to submit information about the above 18 year old(s) to LoveliYou.

g. User(s) shall not submitt to LoveliYou any and all information that is considered sensitive and personal information. Sensitive personal information is information in this context shall mean about the user(s) or any other third parties or user(s) which reveals the user(s) racial, political opinions, ethnic origins, trade unions, philosophical or religious beliefs, genetic data, bio-metric data, and information that concerns the user(s) or the third parties health, sex life, and sexual orientation. If user(s) intentionally or accidentally submit the aforementioned to LoveliYou the user(s) will have agreed to and consented to LoveliYou processing of the information submitted by the user(s) to LoveliYou.

7. Links to Other Websites.

Links to third party websites and or content may appear from time to time on the site. LoveliYou shall not be liable for any and all content for any and all websites that have accessibility including any and all links to the site. All content that is has any relation to the site is outside LoveliYou’s control. LoveliYou does not act on behalf or authorize any and all content as the relation to LoveliYou or the site for the purposes of the use for viewing that is lawful and correct. Any third party’s website that has any and all accessibility through electronic devices and mechanisms to the site is allowed to collect the user(s) information. LoveliYou is not responsible for any third party’s websites that are linked to the site for any and all data-processing activities. LoveliYou is exempt and shall deny any and all liability for those activities. User(s) have the option to verify the privacy policy for any and all third party sites to determine how the third party’s can use the user(s) information before user(s) make the decision on how to proceed utilizing the third party’s website features and information. User(s) should check the privacy policy of any such third party to establish how they may use your information before user(s) decide to use their website and its features.

8. Links to the site.

User(s) shall not link to the site without prior written authorization and consent.

When user(s) are granted written permission and consent to link to the site;

a. User(s) are authorized to provide links to the site on other websites user(s) own as long as the user(s) websites and the use of the user(s) links to the site comply with the Conditions of Use.

b. When user(s) post a link to the site on any other website user(s) agree to be in compliance with the Conditions and Use. User(s) also agrees not to use any disparaging or defamatory conduct while using this processes which would misrepresent LoveliYou and LoveliYou’s business that would cause any harms to LoveliYou and LoveliYou’s business.

c. User(s) shall not link to the site with the intention of creating a business relationship, collaboration, joint venture partnership, general partnership, affiliation, or an approval for endorsement in connection with LoveliYou. If user(s) seeks these methods user(s) must obtain prior written authorization from LoveliYou.

d. Additionally, LoveliYou reserves the right to revoke permission to user(s) links to the site at anytime without notice. However, if noticed is provided by LoveliYou to the user(s) for removal of any and all link(s) user(s) shall immediately remove those link(s) to the site.

9. Indemnification.

The user(s) along with any and all third party’s on behalf of the user(s) on how the user(s) operate an account and the activities on the site agree to defend at LoveliYou’s request to idnemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses, without limitation including any reasonable attorneys fees and costs which arise out of or are in any way connected with the following which is also to include; consequently, of the user(s) direct or indirect activities on the site along with the user(s) affiliates and third party’s.

a. The user(s) uploads and access to or the use of the site.

b. Any breach by the user(s) or alleged breach of the Conditions and Use.

c. The user(s) violation of any and all third party’s right without limitation to include any and all property, privacy right, publicity, confidentiality, intellectual property rights.

d. The user(s) violation of any state and federal statutes, regulations, rules, codes, ordinances which to include orders of any and all governmental and quasi-governmental agency’s. Additionally to include all regulatory, administration and legislative agency’s.

e. The user(s) shall not be exempt from any misrepresentations that may have occurred by the user(s).

User(s) agree to cooperate to the full extent as required by LoveliYou for the defense of any and all claims. LoveliYou has the option to reserve the right to assume the exclusivity of any and all defenses and the sole right to control any and all matters subject to indemnification by the user(s). The user(s) do not have the authority to settle any claims without LoveliYou’s prior written authorization.

10. Disclaimers.

The site is provided with any and all faults on an as available, as is basis. To the fullest extent permissible by law LoveliYou makes no guarantees express or implied. Furthermore, LoveliYou makes no warranties, endorsements of any kind, or representations whatsoever to:

a. To the service.

b. To the site.

c. To the User(s) Content.

d. To the security associated with any and all transmissions of information to the site.

e. Moreover, LoveliYou hereby disclaims any and all guarantee’s, warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of quiet enjoyment, system integration, non infringement, custom, title, merchant-ability, fitness for a particular purpose as well as freedom from any and all computer viruses.

f. LoveliYou does not warrant or represent the service to the site will be uninterrupted, error free, or the LoveliYou’s service or LoveliYou’s hosting, internet provider which makes the service available is not without any defects that may be harmful including any and all viruses to the user(s) interaction or doing business with the site.

g. In addition, LoveliYou does not make any warranties, representations for the information on the site which includes any and all content and any and all instructions as well as to the service is complete, accurate or useful.

h. User(s) does in fact acknowledge of the user(s) sole risk for the use of the site. The site does not offer any guarantees or warranties to the user(s) by the user(s) using the site that the site is lawful in any and all jurisdictions both in the U.S. and around the world. Therefore, LoveliYou specifically disclaims any and all such warranties.

i. The above disclaimer may not apply to the user(s) to the extent such jurisdictional laws are applicable to the user(s) and the Conditions of Use. Some jurisdictions do not allow or limit the disclaimer of implied or other warranties in those jurisdictions.

j. The user(s) use and access of the site represents the user(s) warrants the user(s) use of the site is lawful in any and all jurisdictions around the world where the user(s) access or use the site.

K. LoveliYour is not liable or responsible for any actual, punitive, consequential or otherwise, claim(s), liabilities or cause of actions of any kind, character based as a result from any and all content. Furthermore, LoveliYou doesn’t endorse any content and is not responsible or liable for any person(s), user(s), or entities for any of the aforementioned actions.

11. User(s) access to the LoveliYou Website.

LoveliYou makes no warranties or representations for the following:

a. the Loveliyou’s website will be accessible from any and all U.S. states and around the world locations at any times to those specific areas and locations;

b. that the website will be available or accessible on all cell phones, computers, tablets, and on any and all browsers and any and all other viewing platforms;

c. the user(s) use or access to the website will be interrupted for any reasons;

d. when the user(s) access to the LoveliYou’s website is no longer accessible LoveliYou has the option to provide notice to the user(s) within a reasonable time period. Additionally, LoveliYou retains the right not to allow or stop the user(s) use to the website for any and all reasons. Some of the reasons may be for maintenance, upgrades, and improving the websites visuals, content, usability, and or repairs to the website;

e. the LoveliYou’s website is for user(s) in the U.S. However, the website can be accessed from all other countries. Therefore, LoveliYou does not make any warranties expressed or implied, representations regarding the website that the website is in legal compliance with the laws that are in place in any and all other jurisdictions outside the U.S. Additionally, LoveliYou does not represent the websites and all its content will be in compliance for those user(s) in those outside countries apart from the U.S. as well as the U.S.

12. The Data and Content on the LoveliYou’s Website make no Guarantees.

a. To the user(s) regarding non-reliance; the user(s) are acting for their own account, and user(s) have made their own independent decisions to enter into the transaction and as to whether the transaction is appropriate or proper for the user(s) based upon the user(s) own judgment and upon advice from such advisers as user(s) have deemed necessary. The user(s) are not relying on any communication (written or oral) of the other party as purchasing advice as a recommendation to enter into that transaction, consultation, or the opinions which includes all the content on the website; the user(s) understand the information and explanations related to the Conditions and Use and terms and conditions of the transaction. The website shall not be considered buying advise as a recommendation to enter into that transaction, as well as the any consultations, or the opinions which includes all the content on the website or a recommendation to enter into that transaction. No communication (written or oral) received from the other party shall be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to the expected results of that transaction.

b. The website is being provided and available to the user(s) for general information about LoveliYou. This also includes any and all services and products and LoveliYou’s business and business practices that LoveliYou is offering to its user(s). The LoveliYou website is not being offered to any and all user(s) except for the sole purpose described in the Conditions of Use.

c. All the content on the LoveliYou’s website is not to be construed for any type of advise. User(s) shall rely on their own investigations, due diligence and advise from user(s) own sources as to the content on the LoveliYou’s website before consummating any action in part or whole regarding the LoveliYou’s website at all times as to the content, consultations, and opinions.

LoveliYou make no guarantees, no warranties expressed or implied as to any and all content, consultations, advice’s, opinions including all materials on the LoveliYou website is current, complete and accurate.

13. Harmful Content, Viruses and Errors to the LoveliYou website.

a. LoveliYou does not warrant or guarantee the LoveliYou’s website does not contain any malacious malware, bots, viruses, code errors, hackers, plugin extension errors, service provider error, hosting error, domain error, or traffic error. LoveliYou does safeguard as reasonably possible to prevent the aforementioned from occurring or uploading attaching to the LoveliYou’s website.

b. LoveliYou’s shall not be responsible for any of the above error’s, viruses, software that could possible come from outside sources to the user(s) computer(s) from the LoveliYou’s website; consequently, by operation by which those outside errors and viruses have been implemented. User(s) are sole responsible at the user(s) risk by using the LoveliYou’s website that user(s) have an effective up to date anti-virus software installed on user(s) computer(s) which include all search engines to thwart the aforesaid.

c. User(s) are strictly forbidden to upload any and all programs that would attack the LoveliYou’s website. Some programs which include but not limited to code that is malicious, viruses, spyware, malware, bots, logic bombs, trojan horses, worms, keystroke loggers, Phishing and spear phishing.

d. User(s) unequivocally agree not to use any and all software technology to attempt and gain access without LoveliYou’s prior written consent to the LoveliYou’s website by the user(s) implementing the user(s) own software and actions to access the LoveliYou’s website as well as the user(s) using the user(s) third party software or the user(s) third party acting on behalf or the user(s). User(s) further agree not to attempt to perform any and all denial of service types of attack on the LoveliYou’s website. LoveliYou reserves the right for just cause at LoveliYou’s sole discretion to report the user(s) for any type of breach regarding this matter and the circumstances governing these actions to disclose the user(s) identity to the appropriate authorities.

14. Restriction for Age for the Use of the LoveliYou’s website.

The user(s) acknowledge they are fully responsible fully aware and representing that the user(s) are at the age of majority as to where the user(s) resides for that state or province. Additionally, the user(s) are of the age of majority in the user(s) state or province where user(s) resides that user(s) have given LoveliYou consent to allow any and all of user(s) minor dependents to use the LoveliYou’s website.

15. LoveliYou’s Limitations of Liability and Exclusions.

LoveliYou does not exclude liability where it would unlawful to the user(s). Some of these exclusions could be caused by LoveliYou’s negligence regarding personal injuries or death. Limitations will apply to the user(s) only to the maximum extent permitted by the laws applicable in that jurisdiction. If the law does not allow all or any part of these limitations for liability to apply to the user(s).

When the user(s) purchase products from the LoveliYou’s website different exclusions of liability may apply. These exclusions can be accessed in the terms of sale.

Subject to the aforementioned in no event shall LoveliYou which include but not limited to LoveliYou’s employee’s, agents, officers, directors, affiliates, member, partners, general partners, subsidiaries, parent companies, under any circumstances to be liable to the user(s) for any damages, or loss indirectly, directly including punitive, actual, incidental, consequential, exemplaray, special, or otherwise. Additionally, LoveliYou not responsible for user(s) costs, liabilities, penalties, expenses, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, in contract, whether unknown, known or foreseeable arising from and relating to and connection to the following:

a. Any corruption loss of data;

b. User(s) use of the LoveliYou’s website;

c. The user(s) use of the user(s) to make of any and all materials, content on the LoveliYou’s website which includes but not limited to the user(s)

dependent user(s) make on the materials or content;

d. The user(s) inability to the access on LoveliYou’s website which to include without limitation, any suspensions, interruptions or withdrawel of the LoveliYou’s website for any and all reasons;

e. The user(s) loss of any and all savings;

f. The user(s) loss of opportunity and chance;

g. The user(s) loss of Business and revenue, sales, savings, or profits;

h. The user(s) loss of goodwill or reputation;

i. any other subordinate indirect or consequential losses.

In the event LoveliYou has been alerted of the possible damage or loss without limitation, the user(s) assumes and shall be liable for the complete and entire costs for any and all repairs, corrections, servicing of any and all losses, costs, damages, expenses, penalties or liability arising from the such occurrences.

Moreover, LoveliYou shall not be held accountable or liable for any and all damages that could have been avoided by following the advice of LoveliYou to apply any and all updates offered by LoveliYou to the user(s) that were offered without a charge or fee. For any and all damages that may have been caused by the user(s) for the user(s) failure to following directions for both any and all downloads, any and all installation instructions which require minimum computer system requirements recommended by LoveliYou. The user(s) unequivocally agree that LoveliYou shall not be liable for any and all content that is offensive or illegal conduct, defamatory in nature of any third party. Thus, the conduct of the user(s) or third party risks of damage and harm from the aforesaid is entirely on the user(s) and user(s) third party’s.

The user(s) unequivocally agree that in any and all occurrences that user(s) or third party incurrs any and all losses, damages, or injuries that arise out of, or in connection with LoveliYou’s, damages, acts, omissions if any are caused to the user(s) or third party’s are not in any way sufficient or irreparable to entitle the user(s) or third party’s to an injunction for relief that prevents any and all service, exploitation of any and all websites, property, service, product or other content owned or controlled by LoveliYou. The user(s) shall have no rights to restrain or enjoin the advertising, production, distribution, development, exploitation, exhibition of any and all websites, product, service, property or any other content controlled or owned by LoveliYou.

This paragraph and its provisions are unenforceable as to exclusions of liability. Thus, these provisions shall be deemed as limitations on liability limiting the liability to the user(s) to the maximum allowable extent permitted by the laws that govern its jurisdiction.

16. Jurisdiction and Governing Law for this website.

The State of California shall have sole jurisdiction over any and all claims that arise from the Conditions and Use for its content and documents. The Conditions and Use, terms and conditions for any and all content and documents referenced along with any and all disputes evolving out of in relation to the content and documents referenced to, whether non-contractual, contractual, shall be controlled and governed in accordance with the laws for the State of California.